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Nervive Pain Relieving Cream, 3.0oz

Nervive Pain Relieving Cream targets multiple nerve pain receptors in toes, feet, fingers, hands, legs & arms to relieve pain so you can get back to living your life the way you want to. Starts working in under 5 minutes.

  • RELIEF FROM THE WORLD’S #1 SELLING NERVE CARE COMPANY††: With experience & expertise working globally in nerve care for 50 years

  • TARGETS MULTIPLE NERVE PAIN RECEPTORS: Specifically formulated to target multiple nerve pain receptors to relieve pains in toes, feet, fingers, hands, legs & arms

  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH RELIEF: Maximum levels of Lidocaine HCL 4% and Menthol 1% work to block nerve pain signals to relieve pain

  • NON-GREASY CREAM: Non-greasy formula so you can massage the topical cream into painful areas with ease

  • STARTS WORKING IN 5 MINUTES: Feel the pain relieving cream start working in less than 5 minutes for fast relief