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Why do you experience occasional nerve aches, weakness, or discomfort?

Discomfort, Aches or Weakness

Wondering why you may experience occasional nerve discomfort, aches, or weakness? As you age, natural changes in your body can negatively affect the peripheral nervous system. These changes include slowed nerve communication and loss of myelin - the insulation protecting our nerves. These changes may lead to occasional nerve aches, weakness, and discomfort.

The peripheral nervous system is made of millions of nerves, linked to each other and to muscles or to receptors throughout your body. Think of it as a series of electrical wires connecting your brain and body, allowing them to communicate. The nerve fibers are covered by a material called myelin, which is insulation for your nerves, protecting the nerve fiber. When your nerves lose their myelin sheath protection, this can be one of multiple contributors to nerve discomfort, aches, or weakness.

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